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Muse from the Dead

Sylvia, muse from the dead,
Your haunting voice seeps through
Soggy English soil, creeps into the dank

And dismal crevices of my mind,
Echoing a shrill cry that shatters
Old worlds in a glorious fury.

I sit each night, soul-shaken, cold
And naked, cast back into childhood
By your harrowing verse, face to mud,

Exhuming each of the little bodies I had
Quietly buried in the forgotten corners of
Childhood ignorance, necessary denial.

Hands muddied, eyes bleeding tears,
I embrace these fetid corpses, one and all,
For their decomposition is my composition;

They dwell in me, as I dwell in each of them--
Rejected, cast into a prison of grime, the
Suffocating earth that is self-loathing.

Sylvia, the residue of you is alive in the new.
Your icy dead masks glower at me
From mirrors; they hang from walls of every

Room, dangle from light fixtures of the
Decaying corridors and empty halls through
Which I blindly stumble, blood chilled.

Yes, we share a day of birth; shall I follow
You to death as well? I have five years still.
And how it haunts me, this lonely end of yours:

Bare white flesh plastered to cold hard
Kitchen tile, the stink of baby crap married,
Mid-air, to lingering gas--your death brew.

You must have discovered, running through
Verse, that one can only run so long, sweat
So hard; but death is the endless marathon.

Often, thawing under a solitary desk lamp, sunk
Into a lonely chair, I'll hold my breath at night,
Listening, gently, for the mad beating of footsteps.

James Chong
Los Angeles, USA
Friday, December 3, 1999


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