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"...Even used the dregs of my inspiration to write six of those Dole Pineapple jingles!"
--Sylvia Plath, Letters Home

The gridded pear,
cracks in its hide.
The sugar
sacrifices its glucosity...

A melon,
holy gold.
The can makes it precious.
The same can,

Hoarding its numberless fellows.
Out of the factory their thick drums roll
over the cartography of nations,
maps, Mercator projections;
The world will buy!

Black holes obsess my teeth.
Tooth-rot; brain-rot.
The sugar.
From the high

that launched one seed into space
The ovens glowed like heavens,

It is a Dole (TradeMark),
this holocaust I walk in.
O golden pear the world will kill and eat.

Kenneth Jones
San Francisco, USA
Friday, December 1, 2000

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