Sylvia Plath Forum

Poems inspired by Sylvia Plath

Jack Folsom : The Mended Mask
Richard Wilbur: Cottage Street, 1953
Megan: SP 2,002 degrees
Rebecca Price: Ashes
Hazera Bibi: Mrs. Hughes
Rebecca Price : Sylvia's Pure
Jim Long: Epitaph for Sylvia
Alexandra Sarll: The Other Side
Elizabeth Sigmund: Sheppenmuth
Tara Sahgal: For Ted
Jim Long: Edgelit
Your Presence Confirmed: Laurie Eckhout
Gary Hyland: Playing Your Last Tape
Jack Porter: Valentine for Sylvia
Kenneth Jones: Dolesong
Drew Suhy: Sylvia
David Hall: Last Supper
Kenneth Jones: Time's Arrow
Eric A. Taylor: No more poems
Carmella Buntin: People
Leila Graves: The True Sylvia Plath?
Hannah Lunn: Torment
Hannah Lunn: Reaching
Priyanka Lakhani: Sylvia Plath
Claire McManus: Scrub me
Martin McGann: Shooting Star (Burnt Out)
Ivy Alvarez: Mother, daughter
Lucille Waters Younger: To Ted & Sylvia
James Chong:Muse from the Dead
Patrick Wright: Acheron's Sail
Deja Gworek: Sivvy
Lena Friesen: Incidental
Edith Speers: Don't Strike a Match, Sylvia
Peter Walker: The Winter of Her Suicide
Jack Folsom: Poet Under Glass
Fred Moramarco: Meditation on a Line by Sylvia Plath
Elaine Connell: Ted by Sylvia
Francis Santaquilani: Superhero Days
Peter Steinberg: Devon, October 1962
Peter Steinberg: Sodium Pentothal
Roz Chast: Two More Poems from Ted Hughes
Erica Jong: The Critics
Elizabeth Leverty: Fox Burrow, Nova and Ashes
Emily Pollard: For The Poet Sylvia
Elaine Connell: A Chimera For Sylvia