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Mother, daughter

by Ivy Alvarez

mother, wife to a beekeeper
treads the path to honey

fat and puffy like pollen
golden legs, intent hands

arms for a cradle
baby in the first year

life at the hive
honey-keeper, memory-hoarder

silver scissors
a little curl between her fingers

a weft of yellow-white silk
on fragile curve of bone

her daughter, unbidden, unlooses for her
curls, locks, braids

takes up the sceptre
of the bee-keeper, her hair

fair, darkens by the year
then lightens, silky pollen

the beekeepers wife, the gatherer
ribbons, labels each year

reaps gold at the nape of a neck

Ivy Alvarez
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Saturday, January 8, 2000


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