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Your Presence Confirmed

Your words Condensed
Encyclopedic volumes in our palms
Freeze dried, watered with our DNA
You reconstitute
with a Splatter
pieces of uspieces of you
Patterns on the wall.
Cajoling them to look like you,
connecting the dots in a black & white world
Aching to try colors
Only your mirror remembers.

With best intentions, Our myth skirts
Your living hell.
Your dying heaven.
In our dreams We save you from yourself.
Heroes of Poetic proportions
Gods and Goddesses from the Future
Your dead father's fan club (and yours)
Keeping a safe distance from the flame
Something you could never do
Spectators (Cowards if you must know)
to a life born to Create and
Die for the art of Words.
A familiar play, we found carved in stone
And confirmed by the moon.
A gift.
Just what we always wanted,
But had to buy for our selves.

Laurie Eckhout
Juneau, Alaska, USA
Saturday, April 14, 2001

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