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SP 2,002 degrees

My birthday, January, and I am 30.
In highschool, I found your poetry
It intimidated me, somewhat distraught...a trifle

Today I sit before a blank gesso-painted
I've finished your biography.
I've read your "unabridged" journals...
and here beside me, as invisible as gas,
I feel you.

And I want to be brainy, like you,
And I want to be an acetyline virgin,
And I want, and I want.

I'm going to paint you, SP.
Your eyes will look directly at me
From a face shiny with temperature,
and bees will fly from your lips,
And I will call it SP 2,002 degrees.

I hope you've found the kind of peace
you like best.
Flying forever forward, never setting
Foot upon the ground.
Love like lava, beautiful, beautiful
You are not a victim.
You are a torch.

And like all things that burn
with fevers or with flame,
you were consumed.

It's the gentle way of things.
I believe you knew that better
Than they think.

Athens. GA, US
Monday, April 29, 2002

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